Introducing Next-generation Sustainability

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The Problem We Solve

Each year, 21 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste ends up in American landfills. Often made with toxic dyes and synthetic fibers, these materials can take hundreds of years to break down while releasing toxic chemicals as they do. Traditional garment making utilizes a variety of different non-biodegradable and environmentally harmful components like adhesives, metals, and plastics when clothes can function and survive without them.

How We Solve It

Work backward. We considered the end-life of a garment, knowing that if we made clothes that were safe enough for the earth to take back, then not only would we solve for the problem, but we'd also ensure that the garment's entire life cycle would be 100% safe from both an environmental and a human-ecological standpoint. The answer? Simple: Source compostable goods.

Why It Matters

When focusing on manufacturing garments that can be composted, we inevitably make cleaner, safer products because the requirement for compostability is that the materials must be able to disintegrate into non-toxic, natural elements. Even better, every process involved in this cycle, from cradle to grave, won't place undue stress on the environment.

What You Get

Mission aside, we make luxury garments at a fraction of the price of the leading international designer brands because we believe everyone deserves a nice shirt. High-end materials and construction alongside solution-based product development, our compostable line provides our customers with products packed with far more value than any other garment in today's international market.

The Details

Everything we use is plant-based and organic. Even our buttons, thread, and labels sprout up from Mother Earth. We sand wash fabric to soften instead of using chemicals, and everything is dipped in non-toxic dyes. All of this allows every inch of our products to safely biodegrade, creating an endless cycle with nature.