About Us


We make clothes >>

>> For weekends outside the city
     That take long drives upstate
     Where rained out hikes
     Become porch-side adventures.

>> For places where
     We collectively make meals,
     Forget the time, and
     Be enough right now
     Without tomorrow.

Clothes that >>

>> The earth provides and
     Can easily take back
     Without regret for what she had given.

All Things Compostable // Spring 2022


A bit more about us 

Gomorrah was founded during the pandemic in late 2020 by Itzett Y. Romero and Max E. Sudak. We wanted to create a brand under the belief that clothes are investments that are to be lived in, cared for, and kept out of landfills. We wanted to stay away from fast fashion and contribute to making clothes for the long haul.  The result is high quality clothes made with certified organic fabric, with low impact, non-toxic dyes. 


We wanted to do all this while giving back to the planet. So with every purchase, you are planting at least 3 trees.